BENEDICT LEUNG Third Year Computer Science Student
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Hi! My name is Benedict, but you can call me Ben for short. I am a computer science student at Ontario Tech University.

When I was young, around third grade, I was passionate about being an inventor in the sense that you could make something that has never been made before and use that to help people who aren't capable or able to do a specific task. But that morphed into something different when I was exposed to computer programming. I was amused by how you could put your heart and soul into a program and would do exactly what you envisioned. What I mean about "heart and soul" is your legacy can be imprinted into your programs for generations to come. My desired legacy is to help people around the world specifically for people who need it, for example, curing the blind, helping second-language speakers and etc. Now I know these examples seem far ways, but someone needs to take the first step closer to these so-called "dreams" even if no one is willing to do it.



Java Swing JavaFX Sockets


NumPy, Matlab Flask, SQLAlchemy

Web Application

HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery Node.js, Three.js Flask

C programming language

C C++

Functional programming language

Clojure Scala

More repos here

Megaman Animation

A simple animation using Java Swing. The animation consists of sprites that can be controlled by the keyboard.


Mocks the basic features of Photoshop using Java Swing. You can apply filters and paint/draw on the image.


Mocks the basic features of Desmos using Java Swing. You can plot simple functions (trignometric, logarithmic and polynomials) and shows roots, critical points and inflection points.

Instagram Mock

Mocks the basic features of Instagram using Flask and SQLAlchemy. Able to create accounts and post pictures via upload or camera. Afterwards, you can comment and like posts. You can also follow accounts to view other posts on your feed.

Game Blog

A blog where you can talk about the game using Node.js. The game is a free-for-all game where you shoot other players for points which is made with Three.js.


This game is made by using JavaFX. It is a two player game where it is connected to a server via Java Sockets.


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